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Paint Color Consultation

Color helps define your home or business and plays a major role in its design. Whether it is your home’s interior, exterior, or your business, Paint Squad’s professional Color Consultants are committed to enhancing your walls with color selection expertise. As part of the Squad Process, Paint Squad brings speed and simplicity to the daunting task of color selection. Rather than overwhelm a customer with hundreds of options, Paint Squad presents a right-sized curated palette of coordinated colors.

Color Selection Has Never Been Easier

From complimentary to contrasting colors, our Color Consultants will assist you with the selections that best suit you. We help you identify the feeling you want to experience when you enter your home or explore the way a customer feels as they enter your place of business. Color can exert a gentle effect on the mind and the body, influencing our dispositions and our physical health. The results of painting a room have benefits far beyond aesthetics.

Additionally, Paint Squad Color Consultants always evaluate the condition of your room and walls in order to maximize quality. Your Color Consultant will make sure that the right paint, using the right application, is matched to your project needs.

That’s Paint Squad – and there’s nothing else quite like it.