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Paint Care & Maintenance

Paint Squad only uses the best paints from the top manufacturers, such as Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Dunn Edwards. One of the reasons we do this is to provide our customers paint with the easiest care and maintenance possible. 

After investing in your repaint project we know you want to keep your walls looking clean and fresh as long as possible. With some care it is very easy to remove average wear and tear and gain more time between touch-ups and repaints. 

Cleaning Paint

A few easy preventative tips include washing dirt from painted walls before it accumulates improves current appearance but also reduces the chance of dirt becoming permanently embedded in the paint film. You should assume dirt will be present in and near cooking and high traffic areas. 

When washing walls or removing stains only do the minimum amount of cleaning, using the lightest pressure necessary to remove the dirt or stain. This will help avoid creating shiny spots also known as burnishing. Always use a wet sponge and the least aggressive cleaner available, such as a mild soup solution. Once cleaning is complete rinse your walls with warm water in order to remove any remaining cleaning solution residue.