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Many aspects of paint performance depend more on the quality of the base than on the color. The tint base largely determines the paint's toughness and resistance to dirt and stains, while the colorant contributes to how the paint will wear over time.

Interior Paint

Paint Squad only uses the highest quality paints from the top manufacturers, including Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Dunn Edwards. Many of these paints may cover current paint with just one or two coats. With current technologies the paint is so finely developed that primer coat can sometimes be eliminated.

Our manufacturers reformulate paints frequently to improve performance and comply with tougher regulations. This means that the paint you love today will only look better tomorrow.

Paint Squad only uses no or low VOC paint and materials.

Exterior Paint

Before making a decision regarding exterior painting, the customer needs to consider various factors such as climate and location. Depending on the weather and where you live, simple steps in exterior painting preparation can be taken for optimal results.

Homes or businesses near the beach are exposed to salty air and moderate to high humidity, as well as sunny weather. The combination of salt, moisture and sun tends to wear down paint at a faster rate, requiring reapplication and maintenance. For effective exterior painting extra attention needs to be provided to preparation and application.

Paint Finish

Your Paint Squad Color Consultant will help you select the finish to complement the style of your exterior project. Flat and satin finishes are best for siding because they hide flaws by reducing reflections. Semi-gloss paints add some shine to doors and trim, providing visual contrast.

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